Grillstock: brisket coming along, ribs in

Well my brisket has fared quite well overnight, although one of my flats is nearly cooked and it’s only 9am (serve at 17.30!). I’ve rigged up my temperature probes and we’ll see when it’s ready… In other news, apples are prepped and the ribs just went in!



Grillstock: brisket on, and night time!

Overheard earlier: “Is your pineapple juice fresh, or from concentrate?”

Well it’s time to have some rest. We seem to be the only team that put our briskets on already, but that’s because they are uber – and massive. And there’s nothing worse than an undercooked brisket. Some teams are threatening to turn up at 3am or 4am to start theirs off. Anyway, Ozzy – one of our ProQ’s is on and I’m leaving him to it. Night night!

Grillstock: ribs and brisket are rubbed


We’ve rubbed our ribs and brisket. I’m a bit disconcerted to see the team next door forensically trimming the fat from his brisket, whereas I just lopped off the bit which was about 3 inches thick. And he’s even made it so it will fit the competition box and everything! Anyway will be interesting to see what the final result looks like….

Grillstock: fire is lit!


We’ve lit the first chimney of the weekend, tunes are playing, it’s not raining .. and we’re about to cook some sausages!! Bring it on grillstock!

Grillstock: cook’s meeting


We’re in DrBBQ’s cook’s meeting. Shock news is that the competition boxes are a bit smaller than the KCBS regulation 9″x9″ size. We’ve had a good 10 minute discussion on that so far. Will Lap be able to fit his 7 ribs in the box?! Find out tomorrow at 3pm. Now we’re talking garnish! Can you put a pickle in the box? Can you put a sprig of rosemary? (yes)