Grillstock: Wagyu brisket video

One of the more amazing – and unexpected – achievements of last weekend’s Grillstock King of the Grill competiton was placing 2nd in the brisket category, behind the legendary Dr. Sweetsmoke. In this video from Homegrown Films, I give a little rundown on how we prepared our brisket. Our high placing may have something to do with the fact that we brought our own briskets – in this case two superb pieces of Welsh Wagyu from Alternative Meats. The other thing that we did was start our briskets very, very early – 1am to be precise for a 5.30pm turn-in. I was surprised to see many teams not starting their briskets until breakfast time the next day. Although you can do brisket “hot and fast”, around 275-300 F, I much prefer to do them low and slow, unfoiled until they reach about 200 F and then give them a good rest. In fact this is really important for Wagyu brisket as you want to render the fat, which in turn helps baste (well, more like confit!) the meat.