Grillstock: full results!

Part 1

Chef’s special

1. Backyard Brummies
2. Dr sweetsmoke
3. Newman’s own


1. Gurmee Gala
2. Backyard Brummies
3. Bodean’s

BBQ Beans

1. Bodean’s
2. Backyard Brummies
3. Bone stock

Spirit of BBQ

Barbecue shack

Best dressed stand

Braising saddles


1. Bunch of Swines
2. Dr Sweetsmoke
3. BBQ Fanatics


1. Dr Sweetsmoke
2. Backyard Brummies
3. Butt Rub


1. Gurmee Gala
2. BBQ Shack
3. Mad Apple

Pork shoulder

1. Bunch of Swines
2. Butt rub
3. BBQ Fanatics

King of the grill

1. Bunch of Swines!
2. Butt Rub
3. Dr Sweetsmoke
4. BBQ Fanatics
5. Gurmee Gala

3 Replies to “Grillstock: full results!”

  1. Congrats to you guys, nice work! You should have been up there for the pork shoulder aswell.. it was delicious!

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