Backyard Brummies do SDS Fire: Pics and Menu

Well we had a corking evening last night as the guest cooks for SDS: Fire. The weather finally raised its game and we enjoyed a quite lovely balmy summer’s evening by the canalside. In the end about 40 came along and we had a very nice time serving you guys, so thank you for making it fun. We’re really grateful to Tom Baker and Dom Clarke, of Loaf Enterprises for their help, and for Carl and the rest of the SDS team for putting on the event.

There are some brilliant photo galleries if you are interested to see what it looked like, check out the sets from Jack Spicer Adams, Yen San Li (@ysl807) and Hannah.

The menu was: Donald Link’s cajun boudin balls (pretty much as per this recipe, but with the poblano chile swapped out for a scotch bonnet) followed by Lap’s carnitas served with pineapple salsa, pickled onions and his “no gringo” naga chile salsa. Then we had Pecan-smoked jerk ribs followed by smoked wagyu brisket, baked beans and cornbread. For puds we had apple pie, with smoked ice cream which seemed to go down a treat.

Well, that’s probably it from the Backyard Brummies this year in terms of public appearances. I go back to work in a couple of weeks and, truth be told, am looking forward to cooking some non-BBQ things for a little while. But no doubt by the time grilling season comes along next year, we’ll be raring to go again! 🙂

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