#MEATTHROB2012: BBQ for 80 peeps

This weekend, as part of our intense Grillstock practice regime we set ourselves a slightly different task – mass-catering.

We decided to serve a diverse menu which would all be (relatively) straight-forward to serve to such a large number of people. Although this did require a fair amount of prior preparation – the spare ribs were smoked the day before, and the pork shoulder was smoked overnight.

The menu was:

  • grilled chorizo
  • asparagus with rapeseed oil mayo
  • smoked jerk chicken
  • pulled pork sliders with coleslaw
  • meaty ribs
  • baby back ribs

2 Replies to “#MEATTHROB2012: BBQ for 80 peeps”

  1. Found you blog via my friend Alistair (Hatch). Your BBQ looks amazing. I’m very jealous of your smoker. I am doing the Weber split grill method for my smoking and just bought a Rotisserie for it to. I made a lightly smoked roast chicken on Sunday. delicicious

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