Chef’s Special

Grilled lobster with Alphonso Mango

One Live lobster

For the mango salsa
1 Large Alphonso Mango – diced
2 small vine tomato – concassed
3 inch daikon – part diced (reserve some part shredded)
Coriander & Mint
Dressing – Fish sauce, lime, sugar, water, chillis (finely minced one large mild red, one quarter scotch bonnet)

3 or 4 Lemongrass stalks lightly bashed and tied together to form a brush, soak in oil
12 Lime leaves

Split lobster in half and separate claws. Discard the head sac and intestinal tract.
Place lobster bodies shell side down into a flexible grill basket on a bed of lime leaves. Drizzle oil over the flesh side using the lemongrass brush and grill flesh side down first for 4 minutes. Flip and grill the shell side for a further 4 minutes, baste with more lemongrass oil. The claws will take 2 more minutes to cook than the bodies but be careful not to overcook them.

Let the lobster cool a little. Combine the salsa ingredients.

Remove claw meat, remove tails & portion, place shredded daikon in shells to give the meat lift and dress with a little of the salad
replace the meat and dress with the rest of the salad



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