Grillstock: ribs and brisket are rubbed


We’ve rubbed our ribs and brisket. I’m a bit disconcerted to see the team next door forensically trimming the fat from his brisket, whereas I just lopped off the bit which was about 3 inches thick. And he’s even made it so it will fit the competition box and everything! Anyway will be interesting to see what the final result looks like….

Grillstock: fire is lit!


We’ve lit the first chimney of the weekend, tunes are playing, it’s not raining .. and we’re about to cook some sausages!! Bring it on grillstock!

Grillstock: cook’s meeting


We’re in DrBBQ’s cook’s meeting. Shock news is that the competition boxes are a bit smaller than the KCBS regulation 9″x9″ size. We’ve had a good 10 minute discussion on that so far. Will Lap be able to fit his 7 ribs in the box?! Find out tomorrow at 3pm. Now we’re talking garnish! Can you put a pickle in the box? Can you put a sprig of rosemary? (yes)

Grillstock: setting up!


We’re here! After a slow crawl in traffic we’ve unloaded our gear and will now set up our pitch. Excited to be neighbouring Bunch of Swines, Newman’s own and Bodeans!